Zong Glass

Zong Glass Bongs

The Darkside carries a variety of Zong Glass.

For over 20 years Zong Glass has produced America’s original kinky, no spill waterpipes!

From our beginning in the early 90’s to our relaunch in 2015, we’ve had an adventure at Zong Glass!

Starting in San Diego in the early 90’s, Zong Glass was an underground glass company supported by locals and California based smokeshops. Back then it wasn’t so accepted in our society, so the Zong Glass brand become infamous with smokers who recognized the kink in the tube designed into the waterpipe.

In the mid 2000’s we took over the company and continued the underground ways of Zong Glass, but as time passed and the culture became mainstream, we began distributing Zong Glass across the United States, delivering one of kind, hand made glass waterpipes and handpipes to our local smokeshop customers .


The Darkside (Redding, CA.)

2032 Pine St
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 246-1773

The Darkside (Red Bluff, CA.)

840 Main Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080
(530) 527-9700

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1. A well-turned and pithy construct, usually rooted in irony or sarcasm, which draws attention to an important and/or embarassing flaw in a person, institution or other object, thus belittling and exposing it for what it is in the eyes of all those privy to the zong.2. An exclamation, stated bluntly and with some exaggeration of vowel sound, to express appreciation of the well-executed zong by one’s self or a nearby companion.(v.)
1. To bring shame upon someone or something in the presence of others, most commonly their peers or family.2. To cause the immediate and complete reversal of direction in action, a line of reasoning or self-confidence through either natural or artificial means.
Examples of noun usage:
It might be said that the greatest zong in all of cinema is “No, I am your father.””So then I told her she ought to ask Santa for a new face for Christmas.”
“Zong!”Examples of verb usage:
I zonged the shit out of that kid when I told him to go fuck his mother…in front of his mother.”Man, that burrito I had at 3 a.m. really zonged my lower GI but good.”US TUBES

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