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The Darkside is officially a STAG Vaporizer Company. retailer. We also primarily carry the Stealth Skillet Kit with Ceramiwick Technology. The ceramiwick is the newest and cleanest way to vaporize. Because the Ceramiwick technology utilizes a porous ceramic rod that replaces the standard silica wick for an even cleaner hit.

Here are a few words from STAG Vaporizer Company.

At the STAG Vaporizer Company, our mission is simple, to provide the highest quality luxury vaporizers and customer service that is second to none. We will continually upgrade the skills and abilities of our team in an effort to constantly improve our high level of customer service and client satisfaction. Our goal is to constantly develop new innovative vapor products and exceed expectations.

The Mighty STAG, King of the Forest and symbol of Strength and Independence. Also, the Stag products are unmatched in dependability and style, putting them in a class of their own. You can always count on your STAG vaporizer to be there for you when you need it. Don’t be fooled by imposters, vaporize with the refined luxury of original STAG Vaporizers.

The Stag Vaporizer is AWESOME for your waxes, oils, cbd, and full melt medicine too.

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