Huni Badger

Huni Badger Electronic Dab Stick

Huni Badgers Are A Great Portable Dab Device.

  • No matter the consistency of your extracts, the Huni Badger is up to the task. Single button operation offers a portable, torch-free convenience that is delightfully simple to use. Each Huni Badger kit comes with everything you need in a rugged, waterproof case for ease of storage and transport. Looking for a better way? Huni Badger takes it to the new level.
  • No chamber to load. No torch.The heating element of the Badger makes it possible to vaporize your extracts effortlessly. Just let the HuniTip heat up and dip it right into your containers!

Quality vapor and flavor are things that we regarded highly when designing the HuniTip heating element – fully encased in aerospace ceramic for that inert, pure taste. Vaping with ceramic really brings out an extract’s pure flavor and matched with the straight-through airway, produces thick, concentrated clouds of vapor.

Founded in 2015, Huni Badger is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Here at Huni Badger, we are devoted to designing portable vaporizers that integrates superior functionality with the convenience of transportability, without the need for torches and power cords.

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The Badger Vertical Vaporizer is a high output portable vaporizer that is powered by a single, easily removable 18650 Lithium-ion battery. You can carry as many of these powerful batteries as needed for instant exchanges, allowing you to take this fully functional vaporizer everywhere you go. The heating element of Huni Badger is an advanced ceramic barrel that, in mere seconds, warms up to the perfect temperature required to efficiently vaporize your favorite extracts.

By manufacturing high quality, original products and providing caring customer service, combined with an installment of collaboration possibilities, the Huni Badger team will set a new standard for the culture. Darkside

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