Zig Zag Wraps

Zig Zag Wraps


The Zig-Zag name is notorious in smoking circles because they’ve made some of the best rolling papers for over 100 years.  Zig Zag has now released the

Zig Zag Wraps

line and these are also very popular.  If you’re looking to roll a blunt with a wrap, you might want to consider using the Zig Zag Wraps.

The Darkside (Redding, CA.)

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Redding, CA 96001
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The Darkside (Red Bluff, CA.)

840 Main Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080
(530) 527-9700

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 More About this paper company

The company was founded in 1879 by Maurice and Jacques Braunstein. Based in Paris, in 1882 the company built the Papeterie de Gassicourt. A cigarette paper production plant near the town of Mantes-la-Jolie. In 1894 they invented the process of “interleaving” rolling papers. They called their papers Zig-Zag after the zigzag alternating packaging process. In 1900, Zig-Zag rolling papers were awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

Success led to expansion in 1936 to a new mill in Thonon-les-Bains. During World War II, the company’s original facility in Mantes-la-Jolie was destroyed and at war’s end, all production was shifted to the Thonon factory.

With the death of Jacques Braunstein, in the 1950s Zig-Zag was sold to a partnership of the Group Bolloré and competitor JOB. In 2000, Zig-Zag became part of Republic Technologies of which Group Bolloré owns 19 percent.

Captain Zig-Zag

The character portrayed on the front of Zig-Zag products, colloquially known as the “Zig-Zag man”, originates from a folk story about a Zouave in the battle of Sevastopol. In an advertising campaign in the 1960s, Zig-Zag published leaflets with the Zouave facing the viewer (much like Uncle Sam) and the caption, “Captain Zig-Zag wants YOU!”

In January 1969, a band called “Captain Zig-Zag and the Acid Test” (featuring a lead guitarist who was a lookalike for Captain Zig-Zag) was the warmup band for Led Zeppelin‘s Whisky a Go Go debut (Alice Cooper was also on the bill).


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